The design and clever deck  

WaluDeck totally revolutionises the style of pool covers. This 100% safe rolling decking slides over the spa or pool, combining both design and practicality. Watch as the pool is transformed into a real treat in under two minutes by the greatest facility, 2 in 1! This innovation wins over more customers every year by building up a reputation as a must have for pool and spa covers! You will love the resolutely elegant and clever design of this decking, as it will make your life easier and give you more space.

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WaluDeck brings together the best of all pool and spa protection solutions 

WaluDeck allows for fast and effortless manoeuvring both with and without the motor. It easily slides along rails fixed to the ground thanks to units on wheels. With its solid aluminum frame, the decking guarantees a long life and safety since it complies with standard NF P 90-308. 

in France

5 year

100% child and animal


Compliant with French standard
N FP 90-308

An adjustable product 


  • Sur mesure
  • 84 tailles de modules
  • Hauteur de 19 à 28 cm (sans habillage)
  • Sur commande
  • Charge max 2000Kg
  • €€
  • Habillage prédécoupé sur mesure (en option)


  • Dimensions fixes
  • 3 tailles de modules
  • Hauteur de 15 cm (sans habillage)
  • En stock
  • Charge max 500Kg
  • Habillage prédécoupé sur mesure (en option)


  • Dimensions sur mesures
  • 84 tailles de modules
  • Hauteur de 24,3 cm (sans habillage)
  • Sur commande
  • Charge max 500 à 1400Kg /module
  • €€€
  • Habillage prédécoupé sur mesure (en option)

Nouveauté 2024 ISO+

Le WaluDeck ISO+ est une terrasse mobile qui permet de couvrir les Spas, Spas de nage, ou tout petits bassins tout en obtenant une isolation thermique idéale grâce à son couvercle isothermique qui vient se poser sur le rebord du bassin/spa. Ce dispositif permet de fermer hermétiquement le spa/bassin, réduisant au minimum la perte de chaleur


Un produit modulable

WaluDeck, a versatile deck

Several configurations are possible (depending on the dimensions of the pool)



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WaluDeck, decking for swimming pools, but also for spas

WaluDeck also adapts to all types of spas. This safe rolling decking elegantly covers your spa, integrating perfectly into the existing environment and limiting heat loss thanks to insulation positioned in the structure. 

A Walter technology 

The options



A perfectly insulated decking thanks to polyurethane plates located under the wood  



Fully automated decking thanks to the motorisation option and wireless remote control



Increased decking ground clearance for spas