Extend the swimming season for more fun! 

The ONE pool enclosure is the aesthetic and efficient solution for covering the pool. One of its many advantages is that it prolongs bathing time thanks to its high thermal capacity, which naturally heats the water. This ingenious concept is made of high quality materials, which make it very solid. It protects the water from dirt all year round and makes the pool safe and comfortable for the whole family!


Extends the swimming season

Solid polycarbonate

Compatible with special shapes

Complies with  French standard
N FP 90-308

Product in stock

Delivered in kit form

The Poolshelter is delivered in kit form and can be assembled by a professional or by the private individual. With the help of a tutorial and simple instructions, the assembly can be done in 1 to 2 days with relatively few tools.

Fast delivery

  • shipped within 2 weeks (from April 2022)
  • delivered as a do-it-yourself kit
  • delivered with forklift

Quality and aesthetics

  • 3mm solid polycarbonate cladding(no honeycomb structure)
  • telescopic
  • high quality finish (EPDM)
  • easy maintenance
  • UV treatment


  • anti-storm / uplift
  • conforms to the French standard
  • solid polycarbonate

Handling Easy, slides with or without motor
Easy handling with motor

Awards +++ ++
Temperature gain
From +6°c to +10°c extends bathing time Maintains temperature
Maintenance / cleanliness Very easy, pool always clean Not very easy and residues in the pool
Solidity +++ ++

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Caractéristiques techniques
Colours Powder coated anthracite (RAL 7016)
Filling Solid polycarbonate 3 mm clear
Turntable GAA Extra plate (12 mm) Possibilité de changer la position des platines de guidage des roues
Concealed automatic locking*.
Facade 120/150/180 mm lift sill with 50/70/100 mm flap
Flap Flap 50/70/100 mm

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